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Fans of Whoopi & "The Old Raisin"

Updated: May 8, 2020

For fans of Whoopi Goldberg, it might be difficult to believe that there was ever a time when she wasn’t famous. A time without Whoopi? Nonsense. But of course it is true, and in fact Whoopi Goldberg came to fame thanks to the genius of her one-woman show. In this original show, which eventually made it to Broadway in 1985, Goldberg plays a range of characters, both hilarious and poignant. In one monologue, she portrays a Jamaican woman who lands a job working as a housekeeper for a rich, very old American businessman. She calls him “The Old Raisin,” and describes him as “incredibly wrinkled. I kept wanting to iron him.” The Old Raisin is hot-to- trot for Whoopi’s character, and she finally succumbs to his advances. I still remember the moment she turns to the audience with a wry smile and says, “I would now like to say something in praise of older men...I tell you, this man, he knew what he was doing...” and off she went about what an experienced, satisfying and caring lover The Old Raisin turned out to be. The audience erupted into applause...into a kind of celebration. Often, I think, we more...mature people can feel invisible. And judged. And thought of as irrelevant and used up. We must find ways to feel alive, visible and vital. We are hoping that Ageless-Timeless can be a resource for people who are older, reminding them that they still matter. That they’re still sexy. And that they still have oh-so-much to offer. #kenhornbeck #theoldraisin #whoopigoldberg #agelesssexuality

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