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Some Great Entertainment Tips on Romance and Retirees

If you are looking for some great entertainment that has mature adult representation check out the recommendations from the NY Times!

This fall, ABC has taken its popular reality dating show franchise - in which single people compete for the affections of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" - to a new demographic: older people. The series, "The Golden Bachelor," which features contestants over the age of 60, has brought attention to what dating is like for older people. Between divorces and the deaths of spouses, health problems and lifestyle changes, navigating late-in-life romance can be complicated. But it can also be fun, exciting and deeply rewarding. Here are a few things to read, watch and listen to about dating as an older person.

Read: 'Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey.'

This 2022 book by the journalist Florence Williams weaves an exploration of the science of love and heartbreak with the story of Williams's own grief about the end of her 25-year marriage as she looks to her next chapter in life.

Listen: 'Dating While Gray'

In this NPR podcast, hosted by the writer Laura Stassi, conversations with relationship experts offer advice and compassion for single older people navigating the unique challenges and risks of looking for love later in life.

Read: 'Not Too Old For That'

In her 2022 book, the journalist Vicki Larson attempts to dispel negative stereotypes around older women and chronicles women thriving physically, emotionally, romantically and sexually into old age.

Watch: 'Still Doing It'

This 2003 documentary by the director Deirdre Fishel explores the lives of nine older women - gay and straight, single and partnered - and features candid conversations about sex and love in later life and the realities of aging.

***Highly recommended and features an old friend of Ageless Sexuality, Betty Dodson.

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