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Ageless Sexuality Workshop Leaders



Founder & Workshop Leader

Dr. Cydelle Berlin


Dr. Cydelle Berlin holds a Ph.D. in Health Sciences and is an internationally recognized expert in the field of sexuality.  She is recognized as a Master Trainer for the United Nations in Sexuality and HIV Prevention. 

Thirty years ago Dr. Berlin founded STAR Theater at Mount Sinai Hospital Adolescent Health Center and was the co-founder of the Adolescent AIDS Prevention Program also at Mount Sinai.  STAR Theater is a multi-component theater based health promotion and education program for young people, parents and providers.  In addition to STAR Theater, Dr. Berlin has provided workshops and trainings for adults in all aspects of sexuality.  PBS produced an award winning film called "Sex and Other Matters of Life and Death" about Dr. Berlin and her program.

Ageless Sexuality is Dr. Berlin's newest venture and one she is most excited about!  As we all continue to grow older, better, wiser and sexier!  


Co-Founder & Workshop Leader

Ken Hornbeck


Ken Hornbeck is the Co-Founder of Ageless Sexuality along with Dr. Cydelle Berlin.  He has worked with Dr. Berlin for over 25 years, both as the Artistic Director of Mount Sinai Medical Center's STAR Theatre with Dr. Berlin in New York City and Internationally with the United Nations.  He is a Master Trainer for the U.N., writing, training and facilitating workshops on HIV/AIDS and Sexuality. 

Ken is also the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of the EN-ACTE Program at Emory University.  Both of these programs created original theatre for teens around topics including HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy prevention, diversity, decision-making and abuse, among others.  He has worked professionally as an actor, director, playwright, designer and visual artist in Dallas, New York City and Atlanta.  Ken co-authored with Dr. Berlin a theatre-in-education manual which has been published in 33 languages by the United Nations Population Fund, where is a member of the International Peer Training Team.  He has provided training for UNFPA in Estonia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Albania, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as in Serbia, Bosnia and New York City.

As director of Emory University's Issues Troupe, a program comprised of Emory students, Ken was pleased to direct original short plays dealing with diversity for freshman fall orientation from 2003 thru 2015.  

Currently Ken serves as adjunct professor through Emory's Center for the Study of Human Health, teaching courses which explore human health issues using the Applied Arts, and provide students with practical experience in theatre for social change.  At Waldorf School Atlanta, where Ken has worked since 2013, Ken wears a variety of hats.  He serves as assistant teacher in grade 2, works in Morning Care and Extended Day Care, assists with play blocks and teaches Creative Dramatics for the after school program.

Ken is excited to continue his partnership with Cydelle Berlin and Narda Skov in their work with Ageless Sexualtiy.

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Health Educator & Workshop Leader

Narda Skov is a health educator specialist who has worked for the past twenty five years teaching, training and counseling youth and adults on issues of sexual and reproductive health.  Narda holds a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.  While in New York City she worked for over fifteen years with STAR Theatre and all of its programs.  
Narda currently works at ETR, a health training company in Oakland, California and is beyond excited to expand her work with adults.  Ageless Sexuality is more important than ever! As our population continues to get older (and better), it is important we understand and feel good about all of the changes we are experiencing and not let it diminish our sense of self and our relationships.

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