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Older. Wiser. Better.

About Ageless Sexuality

Ageless Sexuality is a workshop series offered by Dr. Cydelle Berlin and Ken Hornbeck designed to empower, strengthen and make you believe in your sexuality again.  It provides interactive exercises, tips, latest research and practical advice for continuing a healthy sexual life as we age.  Book us for one or more workshops in small or larger groups.  Contact us at on our site at, contact us.

Or call us directly at 917.678.7049.

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Ageless Sexuality is the brainchild of Dr. Cydelle Berlin and Ken Hornbeck. Their partnership began in 1989, devising and directing theatre-based sexuality education presented by and targeted at teens and young adults. In the mid-nineties it became evident that the HIV epidemic was impacting older adults who
were re-entering the dating world and had little or no sexuality education themselves. At that point Dr. Berlin and Hornbeck began to envision and plan interactive, fun and creative
workshops designed to address the specific needs of ageless people.  

Thus was born Ageless Sexuality!

Over the years they have created and reimagined these workshops, all the while getting older and wiser...and sexier
themselves. In 2018, Narda Skov. MPH, joined Berlin and Hornbeck, and has been an inspiration as they take on the task of creating ever more relevant workshops. Much has changed
during the past two decades, but one thing is for certain.  The
population in the world is getting older - baby boomers are not babies anymore, and even Millenials and Gen-xers are looking for ways to connect, both sexually and spiritually, in deeper and more meaningful ways.​

We all have stories - so let's share, reclaim and dive deep! 
Let Ageless Sexuality help us become our authentic ageless selves and reach our sweet spots again – or for the very first time.






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